Golf Sponsorship for your Business? Why?

Sponsorship of a professional golf tournament provides a safe, well-respected environment for your business. No sports sponsorship delivers more impact and positive public relations than professional golf.

No other sport sponsorship provides you the unique opportunity to play with a professional where you can:
Invite key clients
Reward top producers
Engage important partners

Sponsoring a professional golf tournament enhances your brand and provides a back-drop that extends well beyond the three or four day event, a clever marketing plan can extend your sponsorship benefits to up to 12 months. Demographics and core principles equal a positive return on investment.

As a professional golfer sponsor, your business aligns itself with a sport that rewards individuals for professionalism, endurance, patience and persistence. These qualities are embedded in many corporate mission statements and value propositions. Professional golf ethics are stringent and high. Players are expected to mingle with sponsors, their guests and the fans. They provide a human touch uncommon in other sports.

On course signage, television advertising, ticket packages and clinics are just some of the examples that can be offered to your business within a package.

Businesses of all sizes and in many varying industries utilise golf sponsorships to:

  • Reach customers
  • Deliver goods or services to recognise employees
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Broaden their reach
  • Showcase their brand

At the end of the day, no matter which player wins the tournament, everyone celebrates the mastery and simple work ethic of a professional golfer