The KAI Agency is a provider of management, project development and brand management services for both new and existing golf and hospitality businesses. With a team whose experience includes the successful development and management of several world-class and award winning golf resorts, particularly the development of estates and resorts, the KAI Agency brings extensive industry knowledge, functional experience and innovative solutions to ensure a client’s asset develops into an internationally renowned golf resort brand. More importantly, in understanding all aspects of developing an estate into a golf resort, including the many challenges. KAI Agency also has extensive experience of and retains a strong focus in working within a constructive, flexible and cost effective framework with all key stakeholders, including developers, golf designers, architects, project engineers, consultants, course construction teams, environmental agencies, hotel operators, local and national agencies and authorities, golf tour operators and public relations agencies.

Our golf management component is one whereby the team has significant experience to either set up a new golf business or to undertake a current operating business.

  • We provide management or consultation in the following areas
  • Offer a turn key golf operation from concept creation and beyond
  • Project development and brand management services for both new and existing golf and hospitality businesses
  • We have extensive experience in setting up resorts, clubs and brands
  • Work extensively with golf designers, project engineers and consultants
  • Work with construction teams and environmental agencies
  • Work closely with the client on delivering a profitable business
  • At this stage we also pass on our industry partners

KAI Golf Management Software

We offer our clients the software to maximise their revenue through all sales areas that can only be achieved by having the necessary software. Our goal is to give you a clear competitive advantage over the competition and we are confident that we have both the knowledge and the experience to provide the most efficient and comprehensive management solutions available today.

Our partner solution includes the following modules:

  • Membership & Customer Management and CRM
  • Functions, Events and Golf
  • Food & Beverage – Point of Sales and Stock Control
  • Retail – Point of Sales and Stock Control
  • PMS – Property and Bedroom Management
  • Accounts Integration
  • Online Services and Bookings