Golf Clubs are going through a difficult time with the game in decline across the globe, and it has never been more important to ensure your golf operation is working towards making an operating profit year on year. The key to success can sometimes be extremely simple, but knowing and understanding that simplicity can separate those who achieve it and those who don’t.

Golf Club businesses can become immersed in their own agenda and at times and can’t see the simple solutions to turn their business around. We bring modern methods and techniques and combine with the timeless values of golf club traditions to succeed.

Identify current situation and potential opportunities
Develop a plan accordingly to deliver a profitable business
Market measurably to ensure all activity undertaken is working effectively

FIND YOUR BMI (Business Management Intelligence) WITH KAI

Our twist on BMI, or our business management intelligence, is one way of measuring whether you’re business is fit for your goals and objectives. The result gives an indication of whether you’re in a healthy position, and if not, how to overcome how under or over par your business is.

Our own reviewing system based on years of experience will indicate a starting point to work with. From your brand standards, first impressions and customer service to operations and marketing we can help.