The Importance of Investing in a Good Website

By May 22, 2017News

On a daily basis I say to people your website is ‘your digital shop window’.

It is so important to represent yourself in a way that sells yourself and showcases you to the best of your ability.

Reason #1 Online brochure

Companies spend so much money on brochures and distributing them. By having a website this can be cut down greatly. Your potential customers can find out about you and any of your products online. If you get most of your business through networking and personal connections, then they will want to check out your website.

Reason #2 More customers

More than 2.4 billion people use the internet every day, and some 90% of those have purchased something, or contacted a company, online in the last 12 months. So by not having a website, you will be missing out on a big piece of the pie.

Reason #3 Business value

It is all about perception

Now I am not saying the traditional ways to enhance a business image is not still very important – the  good old product, price, promotion and place still has their place but the world has turned its attention to digital and so do you.

First of all it is all to do with image, if your website looks professional, your clients think you’re doing well enough to have a web developer keeping your information and look fresh and current.

Second, as we all do what is the first thing we do with a company we are looking into……we google them. If you don’t have a website or your competitors have a top dog site no matter who is the better company with the better service or products, people are automatically drawn to the better site – this is the harsh truth.

No matter how small your company there is always room for expansion which is just not possible without an amazing website.

Maybe in the past you didn’t think that websites were that important, but nowadays we can’t stress enough just how crucial they are for many forms of businesses, who wish to prosper and keep expanding.

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