Golf Marketing Plan Ideas

By January 11, 2017News


Are you currently staring at a blank page with one word ‘marketing’ which is nicely written with the date beside it?

We have all been there but marketing does not have to be difficult or stressful. I could sit here and tell you to post on Facebook three times a day, tweet at least two and don’t forget about that instagram but I am not. I am going to give you a few little ideas to get your creative juices flowing about the content remember it is quality not quantity and about engaging that potential customer.

Try these simple little tricks to help get you started.

  1. Surprise Hint

Do you have something special coming up within the Club, a big tournament, a new product, a coaching package? Well tease it out. Do not just stick it online and hope for the best – drag it out and get the most from it. Create anticipation, get people talking (including your competitors) before you even tell them what it is

2. Convince Them

Get them to make themselves convince them it is the best thing to do “Before organising that society outing ask yourself, do you guys deserve the best day out this year? You want the package to again tempt them from a different angle

3. Back to School

People love a wee puzzle and naturally fill in the blanks with a positive word that they want it to say, writing part of the ad themselves and persuade themselves to buy.

For example ‘This membership will ———— your life”

Let yourself go try new things and see if it works for you!