For the Love of Branding

By February 14, 2017News

Well since it is Valentine’s Day, I thought we could get in the mood for love…….of branding.

So like every Valentine’s Day we refer back to the Disney days when “they lived happily ever after”, no is that just me? Ok, well it is true that back in the day we were always taught “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. Just look at my favourite Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. While it may be the case in Disney life and to a certain degree real life it does not work when it comes to businesses and their branding, potential customers are not so kind.

Stop thinking like a small business, every business requires a brand! Your company’s perceived identity can be the lifeline to growth and success, or it can be your ball and chain.

So why fall in love with branding?

Love at first sight 

Many business owners struggle to see the need or value for proper messaging and branding strategies. After all, in this economy it’s all about the bottom line. Surely that is exactly why you need to stand out from the crowd? Your potential customer is overwhelmed with options you need to make them to fall in love with you at first glance. Should that be entering your shop, clicking on your website or your Facebook page – set your brand standards so high there is no point in them looking anywhere else, you have made an impression…..for the right reasons hopefully.

Make sure that your messaging and identity reflects your company, your personality and resinates with your target customer. Potential customers will form an impression of you within seven seconds, that is why you can not afford to not capture and retain their attention with your brand.

Time for commitment

It is very true that it is easier to retain a customer than to find a new one. So when you get them make sure you keep them. Your branding plays a big part in this as your standards and identity become like a promise to your customer. They return because they respect your brand standards they depend on it to commit. Building true customer loyalty through branding also means that there is opportunity to gain new prospects through word of mouth.

They lived happily ever after

For many business owners, credibility is not easy to come by. Through constant innovation, great customer service, and aggressive marketing, companies can break through to their consumers and register their brand as being the top pick. When this registration happens, the brand has successfully helped associate credibility with the company and it should be continually built on to ensure your business goes from strength to strength with a power brand.

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